Welcome to St Rosalia Schools, we do humbly extend our sincere word of welcome to all of you to our school St. Rosalia and its community at large. We seek to develop the talents of every individual to ensure the achievement of personal goals hence enable pupils to understand their importance in the community.

    For the above to be reached, we are encouraging them to work hard and instilling high discipline in them, it being the key to success in all angles.

    Mr. Paul C. Mfungahema & Mrs. Lill-Asela Mfungahema (The school founders/directors.).


    I do appreciate you for logging onto our school website. I personally hope that this will give you a good percentage of information about our school.

    Our main key is to make a difference in the young generation by molding them to be better leaders in the future. We are ensuring this by providing them with quality education as well as nurturing their talents.


    In St.Rosalia schools, we strive to give the best to the pupils in all angles, thus communication, personal, social, spiritual and emotional growth. This is done by ensuring that the pupils are building confidence in themselves as well as self care and proper communication skills. For the pupils to attain all that, the teaching team is giving them encouragement and support.

    There are other added advantages to their learning like computer studies that gives them chance to expand their skills.