School facilities

  • The school medical facility

    Every pupil is entitles to first aid service when he or she gets sick or hurt with in the school premises. We do have a sickbay and first aid room for serious health cases, the parents are always notified promptly for medical attention.

  • Transport

    The St.Rosalia school has eleven vans used for transporting the pupils to and from school. The drivers do ensure picking and dropping back the pupils safely.

  • The school library

    The St.Rosalia school is blessed to have a library with enough reading materials hence promoting the pupils language ability through reading of various books.

  • The classrooms

    The school has big enough and spacious classrooms creating enough space for learning as well as indoor nursery section inside creative activities. The spacious classrooms also gives room for the teachers to be able to reach each and every pupil during learning.

  • The dining hall.

    The St.Rosalia has a big enough dining hall with the capacity of serving 500 pupils at ago, during meals, debates as well as meetings.

    The school offers two meals during the seven hours that the pupils are at school.

    The first meal is breakfast, which is offered during morning break at 9:00 am for the nursery and lower primary classes and at 10:00 am to the upper primary classes.

    The second meal is given out during lunch break to the whole school at 12:30 noon.

    The meals vary from day to day. We ensure that we observe a balanced diet to our pupils.

  • Safety and Security in Schools

    St.Rosalia schools is well secured for the sake of the pupils, the school is well fenced with a strong wall and a day time guard who keeps watch to ensure all is ok during the learning session.

    The teachers are also providing security to the pupils by being with them full time while in classes and when in the pitch for play.